Game Game Hidden Pokemon online


Game Game Hidden Pokemon online.

Pokemon - one of the most famous anime - cartoons. The cartoon was first released back in 1998 and continues to this day. Over the years, Pokémon have acquired an entire army of fans and a huge number of Pokémon of various types and forms. Pokémon are fictional creatures. In the anime, they are depicted as cute little animals, robots, or incredible animals of gigantic proportions. In the game "Hidden Pokémon", you will plunge into the beautiful world of these creatures. A few pictures will be presented to your attention. It will feature the Pokémon trainers and the Pokémon themselves. In the upper block of the game will be placed images of Pokemon, which you need to find in the picture. It will not be easy, but you can handle it. For each hit, you get 100 points, and for a miss - lose 25. But remember that you need to complete the task in 30 seconds. Have a good game!

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