Game Ash and Misty Motorcycle Game online


Game Ash and Misty Motorcycle Game online.

After Ash took the bike from Misty, she never forgave him. Although it was a long time ago and for a noble purpose. Their first acquaintance was not entirely successful, because Ash even returned the bicycle, but it was already impossible to ride it. And so that justice triumphed, the guys decided to compete. They got a beautiful orange motorcycle. Now they are ready to decide once and for all which of them is the best driver. In the game "Ash and Misty on a Motorcycle", you can choose your rider - Ash or Misty. Having made your choice, you go to the track. It will have many steep climbs and unexpected descents, so be careful and do not miss the opportunity to make a cool somersault. Prove to everyone that you deserve to be the best motorcycle rider. We wish you victory and enjoy the game!

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