Game Game Pokemon Motorcycle online


Game Game Pokemon Motorcycle online.

Now Pikachu will make you have some fun and have fun. You will play Ash, which means that you have all the responsibility for the outcome of the game. During their journey, young Pokemon trainers went into the forest and decided to halt there. While the rest rested from a long journey, Ash and Pikachu decided to fool around. Pikachu began to run away, and Ash had to catch up with him on a motorcycle. In the game "Pokemon Motorcycle", you have to catch up with Pikachu, but at the same time you have to overcome a rather big path littered with a bunch of tricky jumps. Catch up with Pikachu, collect pokeballs and overcome all obstacles. After all, nothing is impossible for a Pokemon trainer. Press the gas all the way and feel the wind whistle in your ears. Have a good game!

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