Game Game Pokemon: Pikachu on the Truck online


Game Game Pokemon: Pikachu on the Truck online.

Ash, though a talented coach and a good friend, is a terrible opener. He and his team decided to relax a bit and escape from training and went to the beach. Full of dreams about the upcoming vacation, Ash did not notice how he unfastened all the pokemon with the Pokemon. Faithful Pikachu volunteered to help. You are "Pikachu on the Truck", you put the Pokemon behind the wheel of a powerful truck and hit the road. You need to collect all the pokeballs on your way. This is not only half the story. The most important thing is to bring everything intact. After all, the road with bumps and bumps, so there is a chance to lose a couple of pokebol on the road. Be careful and be careful. You need to return all the pokeballs to their rightful owner. All hope is on you. Have a good game!

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