Game Game Misty Pokemon Makeover online


Game Game Misty Pokemon Makeover online.

Meet a beautiful girl named Misty. She is a trainer of water pokemon from the city of Tserulin. After the girl went on a journey for new Pokemon, on her return she became the leader of the Tserulin stadium. The girl has a very optimistic character, but very quickly loses her temper and performs impulsive acts. But Misty quickly moves away and calms down. She is very fond of Pokemon and her care for them knows no bounds. True, she is terribly afraid of Pokémon - insects. Despite this, the couple always tries to find the strength to overcome their fear. In the game "Misty Makeup in Pokemon Style", you will become the girl’s personal stylist. You have to choose a Pokemon, in the style of which you will do makeup and choose a new look for Misty. You will be presented with seven Pokemon: Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbazavr, Squirtle, Oddish, Dzhiglipuff and Snorlaks. Make your choice and get to work. Have a good game!

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