Game Pokemon Escape Game online


Game Pokemon Escape Game online.

The obnoxious Team R wants to catch Pikachu again. From them forever alone trouble. This time they managed to kidnap a Pokemon right from under the nose of his trainer - Ash Ketchum. But Pikachu is not such a simple Pokemon. He was able to slip away from Jesse and James. Now he rushes with all his legs, or rather paws, rushing away from the villains and wants to quickly find Ash. in the game "Pokemon Escape", you must help Pikach find his coach and not fall into the clutches of the "Team R". The Pokemon will run himself, and your task is to protect him from dangers. Wild Pokémon prowl everywhere, but it’s not difficult for Pikachu to properly teach the enemies a good portion of the electric charge. Watch out for precipices and other obstacles. Be very careful and careful. A difficult but very interesting adventure awaits you. Have a good game!

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