Game Pokemon: Ice Cream Shop online


Game Pokemon: Ice Cream Shop online.

Today was a very hot day and all the inhabitants of the Pokemon Valley are simply exhausted from the heat. That would be something cold and preferably tasty. It’s no secret that almost all Pokémon are great gourmets. In the game "Pokemon: Ice Cream Shop", you open your own shop for the sweet tooth. So, here is a counter with many different goodies: waffle cups, ice cream trays, fruits, nuts, chocolate sauce, briquette waffles. Also, you will have all the necessary appliances and utensils for preparing your cold masterpieces: coffee machine, plates, paper cups. Pokemon will go to the counter and order ice cream. Your task is to please the buyer and get paid for it. With each new level, orders will be more serious. That is, with different fillings and sauce, as well as in different dishes. Show all your speed and dexterity to please Pokemon. Have a good game!

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