Game Game Pokemon: Go Forward, Pikachu online


Game Game Pokemon: Go Forward, Pikachu online.

Ready for an adventure? Then go ahead! You are waiting for the wonderful world of the Pokemon Valley. Ash wanted to conquer a new Pokémon, but he turned out to be a little aggressive and had to run as fast as he could. During the escape, Ash lost some of his pokeballs. Like any Pokemon trainer, he was very upset because of this. But his loyal friends decided to come to the rescue. In the game "Pokemon: Forward, Pikachu", you will play four Pokemon: Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbazavrom and Squirtle. Each of them has its own special abilities: Squirtle swims perfectly, Charmander - the fastest, and Bulbazavr - jumps above the rest. Consider these factors when you travel. Collect all the pokeballs for your trainer. Have a good game!

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