Game Game Pokemon Go online


Game Game Pokemon Go online.

Welcome to the exciting world of Pokemon Go. Today, your main character will be the young Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum from the city of Alabastia. Together with him, you will walk to different places and catch Pokemon. The map will have a beautiful forest, river and sand zones. Your task is to go around the whole map and catch all the Pokémon on the level. On the top panel, you will see your level and the number of Pokemon that you need to catch in order to go to the next level. To find Pokemon you need to see a red icon, our little monster is hiding there. The found Pokemon will run away from you, and your task is to launch the pokeball directly into the Pokemon. Ahead of you are waiting for a variety of Pokemon, and the name and method of their life will tell you Pokedex. Have a good game!

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