Game Game Moving Temple online


Game Game Moving Temple online.

Welcome to the fabulous Steven Universe. This boy lived an ordinary life and did not know either the dream or the spirit that he was half a gem. This was told to him by the girls - warriors Pomegranate, Pearl and Amethyst. Stephen's mom is a gem, and father is an ordinary person. The boy has tremendous power that helps Stephen travel between worlds. One day, Steven arrived in the world of gems and ended up in a magical place. This place was the Moving Temple. It is rumored that one who can uncover the secret of this ancient temple will be able to fulfill his cherished game. The brave and optimistic Stephen never missed an opportunity to compete. This time was no exception. In the game "Moving Temple", you must go through all the rooms of the sacred monastery. To do this, you need to twist a large ball and make Stephen roll to the door and collect all the balls on the way. Thanks to them, you can shop in the dressing room and dress our young hero in a proper outfit. Good luck

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