Game Game Ariel at the Doctor online


Game Game Ariel at the Doctor online.

You all know that if you get sick, you should immediately consult a doctor. Most of all, little children do not like to go to the doctor, because they are terribly afraid of doctors. Today you will meet one little mermaid who does not like to go to the doctor, and if something gets sick, then be treated on her own. But still, misfortune occurred and Ariel became very ill. Now all hope is only on you, you must provide the little mermaid first aid. But first, you must find out what happened to Ariel. The little mermaid suffered from a pain in her nose for a very long time and now she is so sick that she needs a doctor. Start playing, in front of you will be the tools that you must use to treat Ariel's nose. Do everything in stages, first pull out the unnecessary hair from her nose, then apply a number of other procedures, one at a time. At this game will be over. Good luck

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