Game Star Wars Game: Puzzles online


Game Star Wars Game: Puzzles online.

Star Wars is not just a saga. Star Wars is a masterpiece of cinema and a series of fantastic blockbusters thundered around the world. This is the property of several generations. After all, the first film from the saga came out back in 1977. Star Wars continues in full-length cartoons and animated series to this day. Now they have rooted their roots in games. For which a special thanks to the developers will say any fan of the immortal brainchild of George Lucas. Well, now about the most important thing. Are you ready to move on to the fun part? We bring to your attention the game "Star Wars: Puzzles". This is a huge collection of the most beautiful and memorable shots from a series of films and cartoons. You can find images of droids, machine robots, Jedi, young Anakin during the famous hearth racing, spaceships made of Lego bricks and Lego men. Choose any of eleven puzzles and proceed. From the beginning, you must select the difficulty mode: easy, medium or heavy. Difficulty depends on the size and quantity of all puzzle elements. May the Force come with you!

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