Game Star Wars: Fighter X - Wing online


Game Star Wars: Fighter X - Wing online.

In the game "Star Wars: Soldier X - Wing", you enter into a space battle with the Empire. Your hero will be in a powerful ship that can shoot strong laser charges. With a large accumulation of the enemy, you can use a concentrated laser stream of energy, which in an instant will turn the enemy squadron into a handful of ash. The first mission will take place in Takodan. There you will find a "joyful" meeting of the enemy squad of Empire spacecraft. You need to break through the enemy and reach the end point. Own movements, you can observe in the lower scale. The green color will indicate the distance traveled. During the battles you have to deftly maneuver among the ships that will try to fire at your vehicle. Destroy them before they do this to you. After the explosion, the enemies will leave behind various bonuses. Collect them and your ship will have additional functions. May the Force come with you!

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