Game Zuma Game: Candy Shelling online


Game Zuma Game: Candy Shelling online.

A small demon crept into heaven. He intends to mischief the little angels, but the candy Cupid defends the kingdom of heaven. Cupid takes his biggest bow and candy arrows. Well, apparently, in spite of the delicious arrows, the demon will have a very hard time. The dark kid decides to hide behind the clouds and the remains of sweets to avoid candy shelling. But good always wins. I think that in our case this will happen. In the game "Zuma: Candy Shelling" you will control Cupid's bow. It will be charged with a specific candy. You must collect three or more identical candies or caramels and they will disappear. As soon as you clear the path, use the arrow with a candy heart to aim directly at the devil. Have a good game!

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