Game Zuma Game: Heru online


Game Zuma Game: Heru online.

Heru's Eye is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and excellent health. In every house, in every temple and in almost the pyramids, there was an image of this legendary symbol. Legend has it that Heru's eye brings good luck and health. But in addition to this, this sign has overgrown with many myths and legends. It was believed that his strength is huge. In the game "Zuma: Heru" we will touch with you a secret and unknown. Starting from the first level you will begin to envelop the atmosphere of mysticism. In the center of the game will be the same Eye of Heru and you will play it. In the center of the Eye will be a ball of a certain color, and the next one will be placed on the tail. This will give you the opportunity to think ahead several steps. Around the eyes, colored balls will move through the maze. Your task is to collect three identical balls and they disappear. The main thing is not to let them finish at the secret entrance. Have a good game!

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