Game Zuma: The Pearl of the Pig online


Game Zuma: The Pearl of the Pig online.

Remember the tale of three piglets and an evil wolf? Now we will tell you and show how it really was at the end of the tale. The piglet, whose house was destroyed, decided to take revenge on the wolf. Little cute pig turned into a real sniper pig. He made a special cannon that shoots pearls. In the game "Zuma: Pearls For a Pig" you will help the pig to commit an act of revenge. To do this, you must shoot at the pearls that belong to the evil wolf. They will drive along the tracks, and you will shoot at them. To destroy the pearls, you must shoot so that the color of the charge and the running pearls is three things or more. Then they will explode. The main thing is do not let the pearls return to their gray fanged owner. Have a good game!

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