Game Zuma Game: Anubis Temple online


Game Zuma Game: Anubis Temple online.

Anubis is the ancient Egyptian god of Death. On clay frescoes and walls of ancient pyramids, he was depicted as a man of great growth with the head of a jackal. He was one of the judges of the afterlife and a guide of souls. Anubis was revered and respected. That is why more than one temple was built in his honor and glory. But a traveler who came there, even a lost traveler, cannot just return from there. In the game Zuma: Temple of Anubis, you will become a captive of the ancient labyrinths of a powerful deity. The son of Osiris will not let you out of his monastery for no reason. You will have to pass the test and prove that you can forever keep the secret of Anubis. At the center of the game will be a sacred amulet that releases colorful sacred balls. A long string of such divine vessels will float around him. You need to collect three or more balls of the same color scheme and they will disappear. To return from the Temple of Anubis you need to destroy all the balls before they get to the cache. Good luck

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