Game Zuma: Musical Twister online


Game Zuma: Musical Twister online.

Now we will plunge into the world of music and rhythm. In the game "Zuma: Musical Twister" we will play a popular game, but in a slightly different interpretation. Instead of the usual stone balls, shiny balls with the image of a note will roll across the playing field. In the center of the game will be a plate that will be charged with balls of different colors. Be careful and shoot so that the spheres of the same color are assembled in three or more in one row. Then they will burst and the snake from the balls will decrease. If you miss and the balls manage to get to the hole at the end of the tunnel, then you lose and you have to start the whole level all over again. Ahead of you is waiting for an exciting gameplay and nice unobtrusive graphics. Have a good game!

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