Game Zuma Game: Sewer Defense online


Game Zuma Game: Sewer Defense online.

In the game "Zuma: Sewer Protection", you will go to the forest, where you are waiting for amazing adventures. There is a stream where children love to walk. It contains many secrets that have yet to be revealed to the guys from the cartoon "Craig Creek". Craig is a nine-year-old boy who loves adventure and mystery. Together with their friends Kelsey and J.P., they draw swamp maps and explore new territories. This time, an enemy gang of children attacked the guys fort. Need to repel the attack and punish the hooligans! The essence of the game is that someone from Craig’s team will stand on the map and shoot colorful bubbles from a large cannon or slingshot. You need to shoot balls that will roll along the track. They must not be allowed to get to the hole in the sewer. To destroy the bubbles, you need to shoot so that they are collected in three or more of the same color. Then, they will burst and the snake from the balls will become smaller, and then completely disappear. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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