Game Zuma Revenge Game online


Game Zuma Revenge Game online.

The Inca civilization was a stratification of many cultures and beliefs. They were idolaters. Their main deity was the god Inti. He commemorated the Sun, and his very image was sunshine. But once Inti was angry with the Inca people and sent the terrible monster Zuma to them. It looked like a huge scary skull. But the main priest called to the moon goddess and she sent them to help her pet - a sacred frog. In the game "Zuma Revenge", you will save the Incas from death fighting with a skull. But the battle will not be quite ordinary. To starve Zuma, you must not let him eat the sacred balls and he will be left without the energy of the sun and return to the afterlife. To destroy balls - vessels, you must shoot at them with balls of the same colors and when three or more gather nearby, they will explode. Good luck

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