Game Game Escape from the Ancient Forest online


Game Game Escape from the Ancient Forest online.

The forest is one of the most beautiful places where you can be alone with nature. Green foliage, light breeze, whispering trees and birdsong. Well, what could be more beautiful. But in addition to beauty and tranquility, the forest is fraught with many dangers. In the forest, you can get lost or stumble upon a hungry predator. In the game "Escape from the Ancient Forest" you are very unlucky to get lost. This ancient forest has its secrets and you just can’t get out of here. To find a way out and escape, you will have to solve many puzzles, which are abundant here. But be extremely careful not to miss the tips, because without any way. Pay special attention to color schemes, they will be very useful to you. Also, it is worth checking very carefully every millimeter to find all the items that are needed for a solution. For example, for a lizard to give you a stone, you need to feed it a red bug to get an hatchet - to return the legs to the caterpillar. Have a good game!

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