Game Game Adventure Emily online


Game Game Adventure Emily online.

Once the measured life of a provincial town was disrupted by a terrible event. The city was attacked by alien invaders. They enslaved all adults and they were in their full power. In the game "Emily's Adventure" you have to stand alone against the army of aliens. Your character will be the cute girl Emily. Thanks to her passion for sweets, she learned that sweets are fatal to aliens. Now the girl is ready to begin the operation to liberate the city. At each location you will need to find useful objects and use them to escape. For example, to get out of the nursery you need to find a sheet of paper and a pencil. Place a sheet under the door, and use a pencil to push the key on that side. Then pull out the paper with the key and unlock the door. Show courage, smartness and your logic to save the city. Have a good game!

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