Game Game Kelly Family Spirits online


Game Game Kelly Family Spirits online.

In the game "Kelly Family Spirits", you wake up in an old mansion. At first you will be completely baffled, but as you progress through it will become clear that this house is not simple. Periodically, you will find pages from the diary of the mysterious Alvin. As it turned out, Alvin Kelly is a former owner of the house. A long time ago a hostile ghost wound up there and the man decided to get rid of him for whatever it was. But something went wrong and instead of the spirit in the stones were the souls of all members of the Kelly family. You must help Alvin and his family to free their souls and find peace. First of all, try to carefully examine every corner of the house. In the chest, you will find a hammer with which you can break the chair in the living room and fix the stairs to the second floor. There you have to inspect the rooms and find useful items that will help solve the mystery of the Kelly family and make an escape from the mystical house. Have a good game!

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