Game Game Medieval Adventure 3D online


Game Game Medieval Adventure 3D online.

The Middle Ages is a fabulous time when many residents of that era believed in magic, magic and other supernatural things. Many scientists puzzled in search of a philosopher's stone or were looking for a recipe for the elixir of eternal youth and immortality. Unfortunately, no one succeeded. At least the story is silent about this. But you have to deal with magic. In the game "Medieval Adventure 3D", you wake up in a completely different room and realize that you again wandered in a dream. Awakening in unknown premises is a common problem of all somnambulists. Now you need to very quickly retire from this house, until its owner appeared on the threshold. First you need to carefully examine all the corners of the house, in search of useful items. For example, under the bed, you can find an ax, and under the bedside table and on it - a scroll with a hint and an empty mug. Now with the help of an ax you will be able to break the wooden boxes, and with the help of a hint, you can set the levers in the correct position and open the door to the secret room. To get out of the house you need to make a magic potion, install all the gems and open the secret door. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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