Game Game Cube Escape from the Cave online


Game Game Cube Escape from the Cave online.

Welcome to the game "Cube: Escape from the Cave". A series of games "Escape from Cuba" has earned the love of many thousands of fans of games of this genre. Here you will not wander aimlessly in search of the enemy or treasure. Here you will solve puzzles and logic puzzles that will help you discover a secret that originated in the last century on Lake Rusty. Today you will find yourself in a mysterious cave where you will meet your distant relative who will show you the place where the secret of the elixir of life and death is hidden. Collect all the objects and carefully examine all the corners of the cave to find clues, which are very numerous, but only a very observant person can notice them. Solve the puzzle with a spider and flies on the web. Save the flies and get a book that will help you solve many secrets. Have a good game!

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