Game Game Mystic Forest at Sunset online


Game Game Mystic Forest at Sunset online.

In the game "Mystical Forest at Sunset", you will find yourself in a beautiful green forest. Sweet-voiced birds will sing trills around, and wild animals will quietly and peacefully rustle their leaves in search of something tasty. But beauty will instantly fade as soon as you realize that you are trapped. A terrible bear blocked the path that leads from the forest. To escape from the forest and return home you need to collect forty-five green gems. The task is not easy, but doable for you. First of all, you need to explore the whole forest. Follow all the paths and clearings to get acquainted with the territory and forest inhabitants. In the forest there are a huge number of puzzles and puzzles that will help you get out. Tighten your intellect and cope with these logical tasks is not difficult. Many animals will ask for specific items. Bring the desired animal and he will thank you with a hint. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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