Game Game Escape the Car online


Game Game Escape the Car online.

Darkness gathers around, and you are completely alone locked in a car in a dark forest. Who has locked you up? What does this someone want? Why is this all? There are no answers to these questions yet, but you should not wait until the one who locked you comes and then this may be the last thing you see. In the game "Escape from the Car" you have to look for a path to freedom. To do this, you need to turn on your logical thinking and quick wits at full capacity, otherwise troubles can not be avoided. Carefully examine the entire machine for items that may be useful. For example, at the feet under the rug, you will find a clerical knife for opening letters and you can cut a patch on the ceiling of the cabin, or the key to the glove compartment in the cigarette lighter will turn out to be a random find. Ahead of you will find a large number of puzzles that need to be solved using your logic and ingenuity. Your life depends only on you, so you should try. Check every corner of the car so that nothing is hidden from your gaze and try to open the trunk as quickly as possible to escape from this terrible place. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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