Game Game Escape From Home online


Game Game Escape From Home online.

In the game "Escape From Home", you will be taken to a house with ghosts. This dilapidated old house seems to be - yes, and it will fall apart. But it was not there. Despite boarded-up windows and punched doors, this house is pretty solid. and just as weird. Then the floorboards will be held together, as if a giant walks on them, then the walls are shaking, as in an earthquake. It’s better not to meddle here. But the one who gets here, just does not work out. The main thing is not to panic. A witch lives in this house. You need to get to her and she will tell you what you need to find in order to destroy the ghosts. When you meet her carefully examine the objects on her maps. They depict everything you need to find. Ready? Forward! Search every corner until you find everything you need. Then combine all the details from the vacuum cleaner, and then throw everything you need for the potion into the boiler. Then fill the potion in a bottle of perfume and run in search of ghosts. First spray around the house and ghosts will become visible. Then start your vacuum cleaner. When all the ghosts are in the bag, you must take them to the old woman and she will destroy them all. Have a good game!

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