Game Game Prison Escape online


Game Game Prison Escape online.

In the game "Prison Escape", you will perform the most adventurous and dangerous action. You will now escape from prison. The escape plan is ready, but you only have fourteen days to complete it. James was sent to prison by mistake, but no one wanted to listen to his excuse. It was noticeable that the judges had a tooth on the poor man. He was imprisoned without the right to appeal. Now our friend has no choice but to escape directly from under the noses of the guards. There are several points in your plan and the first one is a map. You must draw a map while no one sees you. As soon as someone comes closer to you, you should stop, hide objects and behave as if nothing had happened. Then you must fulfill the remaining points of the plan and the bright light of freedom will again be illuminated by the illegally convicted James. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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