Game Game Blast It TD online


Game Game Blast It TD online.

Now we will become real knights and will defend our tower. As soon as you press play, you will see a list of levels. Choose the first level and the game will begin. For starters, you will have two hundred dollars. For the money, you can buy bombs, missiles, slime traps and detonating explosives. You must correctly position your weapon in the area to prevent an invasion of your land. Enemies will go from the start and quickly make their way to your hearts. In total, you will have five hearts at the finish line and if the enemy can get to all five, then you will lose. For each enemy destroyed, you will receive a certain amount of money and you can buy additional weapons or pump them. With each new level, your opponents will be faster, faster and stronger. Great battles await you ahead. Prove to everyone that you are a great strategist and excellent tactician. Have a good game!

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