Game Game Boy Bomber online


Game Game Boy Bomber online.

In the game "Boy Bomber", you can become a real demoman and a super hero in the style of the game saga "Blast It". In order to save your only and dearly beloved lady of the heart, you have to go through difficult and dangerous trials in a terrible tower. Ahead of you are waiting for forty incredibly steep levels where you will fight with enemies. To destroy the villains, you must use your mega dangerous and destructive bombs. But you need to be very careful with this matter, because a blast wave can kill not only enemies, but also you. You need to be as careful as possible and watch where the epicenter of the explosion and the blast wave fall. In the maze of the tower there will be many obstacles that you can eliminate with your bombs. Sometimes bonuses are hidden there that will strengthen your bombs and make the explosive effect more powerful. Are you ready to become a cool hero and defeat everyone? Then, you must demonstrate your strategic and tactical talents to an experienced gamer. Conquer the tower, destroy all enemies without exception and save the beloved of our main character. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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