Game Bomb game online


Game Bomb game online.

Welcome to the coolest network arcade game of the new generation. Here, hundreds of players gather in one battle every day. To start the game you need to register. To do this, enter the username, password and your e - mail and a hat. All players play as small bombers who run across the battlefield and try to destroy opponents. You have to use all your tricks and tactical skills to blow up and kill enemies. The game has many bonuses and now we will tell you a little about them. The most common bonus is a bomb. You can collect bombs and replenish their total number, which does not exceed the total number of sixteen pieces. Following are the fire and rollers. Rollers add one indicator to speed, and fire increases the radius of the explosion. But one of the constant bonuses is a kick. With it, you can constantly kick your opponents. The bat will help you throw bombs over one obstacle. The jelly bonus will help your bombs bounce off walls. The detonator gives a certain number of radio bombs, which in our case are still useful. One of the rarest and coolest bonuses is jet boots. Thanks to them, you can jump over any obstacle. True, this can be done only once. Another mega cool bonus is called a nuclear charge. It makes the player a walking nuclear bomb, which is activated only after the death of the owner. Blue fire turns your bomb into blue and this increases beyond the limit. With such bombs and strong blocks you can go. And here are two protection bonuses, you must certainly catch. These bonuses are shield and heart. The shield makes it possible to survive one death, and the heart retains half of the bonuses that you collected before you blew. In addition to bonuses, the game has several more features. One of them is blocks and walls. They come in varying degrees of density. Some of them can be destroyed with one or two bombs, and some you can’t take with anything. Such a structure as a column can only pass through the owner of the reduction. Useful items are stored in chests. Rocks contain ores that add points to you. And tricky items like arrows can only let players pass one way. To hide from enemies, you must find a house. You will find out more interesting details of the game yourself. Have a good game!

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