Game Game Blast It: Mission online


Game Game Blast It: Mission online.

Crumble bombers are back in business! They are starting their grand explosive possession competitions again. In the game "Blast It: Mission", you will become a participant in incredible competitions. First you need to choose one of eight small robots - demolition. Perhaps you want to play one of three cuties: a blonde, a girl - a sailor with purple hair, or a green-eyed intellectual? The choice will always be yours, but you can make it in favor of robots - boys. So, the choice has been made and we are starting. In this part of the game, you will play according to slightly different rules. If in the previous parts of “Blast It” you just had to beat your rivals at different venues, now the concept is changing a bit. At each new level, you will complete a new task. For example, on the first level, you just need to destroy all the enemies, as before. But then, you will receive more and more new tasks. Such as: collect all the coins, get to the finish line first and much more. Ahead of you are waiting for fun adventures, cool bonuses and a lot of positive emotions. Have a good game!

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