Game Game explode it online


Game Game explode it online.

Welcome to one of the hottest places - the bombers town. Lovely robots live in this town. Although their innocent and cute appearance hides a rather hot character. Bomber's favorite pastime is the city's "Tear It Up" competition. It takes place in the main arena of the city, which is equipped with everything necessary for competitions. In the game "Blast It" you can have fun from the heart. But the best part is that you can play alone, or you can invite friends and play in the "for two" mode. First you need to choose one of four bombers - two boys and two girls. Now that you are in the arena you have to remember only one rule - blow up everyone until they blow you up. You must walk through the mazes and blow up obstacles, and only then take on opponents. In the game you can collect and use various bonuses. For example, boots with wings will speed you up, and crystals will freeze opponents, etc. Also, it is worth remembering that the number of your bombs is limited. To replenish stocks of shells, look for bonuses with the image of bombs. Good luck

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