Game Game Blast It: Jump Masters online


Game Game Blast It: Jump Masters online.

In the game "Blast It: Jump Masters" you are waiting for new adventures of funny demolition robots. The guys were tired of wandering through the mazes and installing bombs. Now they have come up with new fun for themselves. Robots will organize cool explosive jumping competitions right in the city center. Want to join them and have fun from the heart? Then, to the point! Your first hero will be a red robot. He already holds a bomb in his hands, and you have to send the robot in flight. At the start near the robot there will be a small scale where you can choose the direction of your iron friend’s jump. As soon as you click on the scale, then the robot will take off. During the flight, you must pick the right moment and make the robot dive down and detonate the bomb in order to jump even higher and further. With each new level you need to cover a longer distance. For each jump, you will earn new skins and gold coins. With their help, you can pump the speed and jumping ability of a little hero. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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