Game Game Blast It 3 online


Game Game Blast It 3 online.

Little bombers continue to amaze us with their imagination and cool abilities in competitions. In the game "Blast It 3" you are waiting for a new adventure of crazy robots. In the third part, new characters join them. Now six robots are participating in the competition, but not only. Four people joined them: a guy, a beauty, a muscler and a hipster. But surprises will not end there. In the game "Blast It 3" you can play four mini-games: arcade, cool showdown, love of water and the race. Explosions, mega cool bonuses and insidious rivals are waiting for you in the arcade. In the game "Cool Showdown", you need to kick the ears of ten rivals. In the mini game "Love for Water" there is an opportunity to have some good fun throwing ten rivals or sheep out of the field with the help of water pressure. In the last mini-game you are waiting for a mega cool race. You need to drive the first three circles, overtaking all enemies. In this case, you can in every way prevent them. To do this, it is enough to collect bonuses and use them on your rivals. Now that you know all the rules, it remains only to choose the number of enemies, levels and a beautiful arena. Well, of course, quickly call for help, then to play for two. Have a good game!

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