Game Game Blast It 4 online


Game Game Blast It 4 online.

So we met again in the new part of the mega cool game "explode it." The little bombers came together again to arrange another heated competition. Are you ready to help them? Then get ready, it will be hot now! In the game "Blast It 4" you can play alone, or you can enlist the support of a friend and play together. First you need to choose one of the six robots that you want to play. Then you can choose the number of levels and opponents. But the most interesting is waiting for you ahead, because the developers simply can not leave us without surprises. In the game "Blast It 4", you can change the outfits of the kids and give them an image of chic or danger. The choice is yours. But for this you have to work hard, because in order to open access to clothing you need to earn a certain amount of points. Also, it is worth recalling that the number of backgrounds will delight you replenishment. Now six background screensavers are available to you: a pizzeria, a sports ground, a wedding, a magic garden, a cave and the tomb of the pharaoh. Although you can choose the "at random" option and the game itself will choose your background. Now you can start the game. Explore, explode and win! Have a good game!

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