Game Game Blast It 5 online


Game Game Blast It 5 online.

Welcome to the annual explode It Robot competitions. You are waiting for new heroes and new arenas. To begin with, we want to introduce our newcomers - a green cutie and a football player. They first joined the team, but are ready to show a real class. With your help, of course. In the game "Blast It 5" you are waiting for new and most beautiful arenas. There are also six of them, but they are completely new. Now you can bomb at a birthday party, at the zoo, movie theater, library, pastry shop or in the store. Looking back at the past parts of this wonderful game, you should remember that you can choose the number of players, opponents and levels. So, you can continue to make your own choice in these categories. Also, you need to choose one of four mini-games: arcade, cool showdown, coin collecting and green zone. Then you need to choose the difficulty: easy, medium or heavy. Well, then complete freedom! All you need is to collect bonuses, blow up your rivals and not to not explode yourself on an enemy bomb. Ready? Full speed ahead!

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