Game Game Blast It 6 online


Game Game Blast It 6 online.

Little robots - bombers are back in business. This time the game "Explode It 6" is waiting for you. Today it will be not only fun, but also very hot. After all, you need to master all four levels of this magnificent game. First you will find the "Arcade", where you must blow up and destroy all the opponents. To do this, you just need to collect bonuses and use them to fight enemies. This is followed by "Cool Dismantling." Here you can, as it should, take a walk. The most important thing is to destroy ten enemies and emerge victorious from the bombing. But in the mini-game "Green Zone" you need to occupy ten green areas and not give in to their opponent. The last will be "Before the loss of the Pulse." You have to hold out a certain time and not explode. And this is not so - it’s easy, considering that bombs will be dropped on you almost from the sky. they will be of two colors - red and black. Their difference is that the red bombs have a much larger explosion radius than the black ones. For each level you will receive bonus points and you will be available upgrades. For the accumulated points you can buy brand new clothes for your favorite character. Also, vehicles will become available to you: frog, walrus, skateboard and tractor. This means that while everyone will run on their own two, then you will roll out on a brand new tractor. Not bad, is it? Have a good game!

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