Game Game Duffy Wants to Dance online


Game Game Duffy Wants to Dance online.

The most famous duck Duffy Duck from the cartoon "Looney Tunes" will show the class. Duffy is still a fan of burning, but this time he will not dance of his own free will. Black lost the bet to his friend Yosemite Sam and now he will famously dance on stage. He needs to fulfill all the commands of a bearded hunter, who will stand behind the DJ console and play music for the duckling. In the game "Duffy Wants to Dance" you will help the duckling to dance properly. In the right corner of the game there will be a scoreboard on which Sam displays pictures with elements of dance. Your job is to help Duffy Duck repeat them correctly. Only under your strict guidance will Duffy succeed. Let’s not let him face his face. Ready for fun and fiery dances? Then, get started!

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