Game Game Village Dog online


Game Game Village Dog online.

A village dog named Monsoon helped his master graze sheep and protect them from wolves. One day, he saw that the sheep are feeling bad here, they want freedom. The farmer also began to behave very badly, she began to offend the dog, he wanted him to sit with the sheep all day and guard them. One fine moment, the dog was tired of looking after the sheep and she decided to release them. Help the doggie Musson secretly get into the farm and release all the sheep to freedom. All the sheep will be very scared, so they can scatter around the stable. Collect the sheep in a bag and carry to the place that will be highlighted in a circle here, you need to let out all the caught sheep. At first, the farmer will not pay attention to minor losses, but as soon as you release a lot of sheep, he will immediately begin to guard the sheep with a gun, which will complicate your task. Try to move very fast and not get caught by the farmer’s cannon. If you have sheep in your bag and the farmer shoots at you, you will lose all the sheep and you will have to start all over again. Also keep an eye on the time that will be limited. Try to do everything well so that the village man can free all the sheep and take revenge on the greedy farmer.

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