Game Game My Puppy online


Game Game My Puppy online.

In today's game "My Puppy" you will make a new friend who will always be faithful to you. And the name of this four-legged friend is Jack, he loves to play funny games. Most of all he likes to run, jump over obstacles and of course collect food and other bonuses along the way. Today, your task will be to look after a cute doggie, feed him, play with him and run a few laps around the house. When Jack runs, he gets very smeared, so you should always buy him a washcloth with a sweet to wipe all the dirt from his beautiful coat. Also, so that Jack is always in the mood, he needs to buy different toys that he will play. But the most important thing is to feed Jack so that he is cheerful and well-fed. To earn more money and buy more new tasty food and toys, go to mini-competitions. Good luck

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