Game Game Poodle Haircut for the Competition online


Game Game Poodle Haircut for the Competition online.

Today you are the most popular dog stylist and your task will be to prepare the poodle for the beauty contest. It is very simple to do, follow all the prompts and you will succeed. First, give a name to your pet, and then start to look after him. Bathe a poodle in the bathroom so that its coat sparkles with beauty and tenderness. After dry it six with a hairdryer and start creating an unusual image for our poodle. Make him the most beautiful haircut that no one has ever seen. Choose beautiful outfits in which our doggie will walk around the stage. Then complement the look with accessories, in the form of a beautiful leash. After everything is ready, you can watch how your poodle will receive first place in the beauty contest.

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