Game Game Take Care of a Cute Puppy online


Game Game Take Care of a Cute Puppy online.

Everyone loves animals. Someone loves cute cats, someone prefers fish, and someone loves puppies. In the game "Take care of the Cute Puppy" you will have a charming doggie. All animals need love and care, and as you are now the owner of the pet, you need to take good care of the puppy. First of all, we remove the parasite from the puppy and redeem it. After that, you should comb the hair of the dog and cut the claws. Then examine the puppy and provide him with the necessary medical care so that all his wounds heal and he can walk freely without unnecessary discomfort and damage to health. Now is the time to feed our little pet. When the puppy is fed up you will only have to experiment with his appearance and choose a festive outfit for him. Have a good game!

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