Game Game My Sweet Dog online


Game Game My Sweet Dog online.

In the game "My Sweet Dog" you can raise a beautiful dog that will become your best friend. If you are ready, you can proceed. At the beginning you will be presented with a little puppy who really needs your help. In order for him to grow and develop like all normal dogs, he needs to be looked after. At the top you will see small stripes that should only glow green and not fall below 70 percent. If you have red indicators, your doggie can not grow. To avoid this, you need to take care of the dog: let him eat, drink, bathe, play with him and do not forget to take him to the toilet. At the next level, a more adult doggie will run out to you, who can visit the training room to become sporty and take part in sporting competitions between other dogs. Try to do everything right so that with a small puppy, you raise a large dog. Good luck

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