Game Game Puppy Labrador at the Doctor online


Game Game Puppy Labrador at the Doctor online.

Do you guys like animals? Today we will go to the veterinary clinic and will receive patients. In the game "Doctor Labrador Puppy" your patient will be a nice little dog. First you need to put in order his oral cavity. Try to clean the mouth of the animal as much as possible, remove the missing teeth and destroy the parasites. Now our lucky one will be with beautiful and clean little teeth. After that, we will go for an examination of the ears. Perform all necessary procedures so that the little Labrador can hear well and clearly, and also so that his ears do not hurt. When all matters with the veterinarian are completed, you can safely go to the animal spa. Here, you can bathe the baby, as well as cut and comb his hair so that it becomes smooth and silky. At the end, dry the puppy and cut its claws. Voila! Here is a beautiful and polished labrador. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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