Game Fast Food Game with Catherine online


Game Fast Food Game with Catherine online.

Which of us does not like sometimes feast on fast food. These fragrant soft buns sprinkled with sesame seeds, an incredibly juicy meat patty and fresh vegetables. All this is very tasty and fast. Moreover, in our time, shops with fast food are located on almost every corner. So a young girl named Catherine decided to open her own fast food. But this is her first mini restaurant and she still does not understand much of the intricacies of cooking fast food. Are you ready to help her in this important matter? Then welcome to Fast Food with Catherine. Now you will learn to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, cheeseburgers and various types of sandwiches together. As soon as the client approaches, immediately take the order and prepare the dish, guided by the recipes in the cookbook. Quality service and agility will be the key to success. Bon Appetit!

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