Game Game Family Restaurant online


Game Game Family Restaurant online.

One of the most famous restaurants in the city fell into decay. This three-star family restaurant has always boasted a large number of satisfied customers. But that was before, but now a completely different story. The main owner, and part-time and the chef of the restaurant has become too old for his work. He began to make gross mistakes during cooking and dishes lost their former taste of the cook’s charisma. But he was not taken aback and asked his daughter Jenny to become the head of their family restaurant. The girl always had a talent for cooking and she was ready to learn everything that was needed. In the game "Family Restaurant" you will have to learn a lot of new dishes and the technology of their preparation. You should make dishes based on the picture above the ingredients. But with all this, you need to have time to serve customers on time. Ready? Bon Appetit everyone!

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