Game Playing Cafe at the Airport online


Game Playing Cafe at the Airport online.

The airport is one of the most crowded places in the world. Someone is in a hurry to land, someone is undergoing customs control, and someone has already returned from a trip and is waiting for their luggage. Everyone is in a hurry somewhere and all the time busy with something. Such a rush still makes itself felt. After a couple of hours of such a schedule, I really want to eat and drink coffee. The airport café offers top-level customer service to airlines. Here you can not only have a delicious lunch and a cup of invigorating aromatic coffee, but also, you are ready to offer a fresh press or magazines. In the game "Cafe at the Airport" your character will be a waitress. The girl must go to the visitors and accept the order. Then you should bring the order and go to the next customer. Have a good game!

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