Game Game Hell's Kitchen online


Game Game Hell's Kitchen online.

Oh, it will be hot now! In this game, real hellish cuisine will open its doors for you. You will have a difficult choice of the future chef for our restaurant. so who do you choose — angel or demon? Both girls know how to cook perfectly and also perfectly naughty, substituting each other. Once the choice is made, you have to open the cookbook and begin cooking the first recipe. Donuts will be the first. You need to make the dough, roll it out and cut out the donuts using a cookie cutter. Then they need to be fried and garnished with icing and confectionery powder. Well, now the fun part! You need to decorate your donuts with powdered sugar, but this should not be noticed by your opponent, otherwise you will be locked up in prison. Well, now everything is in the kitchen!

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